Godfried Schreur

(Delft-Holanda, 1969)

Godfried developed at an early age his interest in wild birds and nature and became involved as a volunteer in several Dutch naturalist associations. In 1991, after culminating his Bachelor of Science studies on Nature and Landscape Management at the Van Hall Larenstein Institute (Velp, Netherlands) Godfried came to Extremadura for a period of voluntary practices in the conservation NGO ADENEX. Since 1994, Extremadura became his permanent base. Here he founded, together with Ana Cordero, the company ECOTUREX. He was one of the first specialized birding guides in the region, an activity that he continues to practice with great pleasure. Godfried is a friendly guide with extensive knowledge and experience. He finds great satisfaction in sharing his knowledge and experiencing the beauty of nature with people. He knows the geography of Extremadura and other interesting areas in Spain very well. He is fluent in Dutch, Spanish and English. The study of bats is another specialty of his. Godfried has also a deep interest in other fauna, flora and man’s role in the landscape, culture and history. In addition, Godfried remains active in environmentalism and is not afraid to protest against projects that seriously threaten sustainable development and nature-conservation.

Ana I. Cordero González

(Madrid, 1971)

Ana came to La Codosera, a small village located in the northwest of the province of Badajoz, at the border with Portugal, at the age of 9 years. During her walks and expeditions in the wilderness of Extremadura, she developed an insatiable interest in biodiversity as a whole, and acquired by herself a considerable knowledge. Amphibians, reptiles, invertebrates, but also flora are her specialties. As a youngster she organized environmental education activities. She became involved as a volunteer in ADENEX, the conservation NGO of Extremadura, and fulfilled during many years the role of its local chapter. Ana spent a year in Holland and then worked in ADENEX. In 1997 she formed, along with Godfried, ECOTUREX in which she is specifically responsible for educational projects and the integral development of nature-trails. However, the study of the hidden and not so well-known fauna groups remains still her first choice. She graduated in Social Education.

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